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Stranger Visions Workshop

October 6, 2014


Here is the presentation I gave on SNPs and ancestry

Here is the bricoBio Kevin Chen from Bricobio gave on DNA and DIY bio

Here are Yves Amyot from Turbine’s 3Dprinting


I am putting together a Stranger Visions workshop to take place at Studio XX in Montreal next weekend (Sunday Oct 8) in collaboration with Turbine and bricobio

We will be taking found genetic data files, creating phenotype profiles, generating 3d models interpreting those phenotypes and 3d printing miniature versions of these portraits. Here are some of the resources we will be using:

Found data files

Look on a code sharing website for people who have posted 23andme files

Look on the Personal Genome Project for volunteers who uploaded 23andme data

Here are some examples which I have pre-processed for a later step, cooking show style:


Upload your 23andme file as a zip to the website gedmatch to get admixture information
(this part can take quite a while so I pre-uploaded several files for us to work with)

alternatively you can use the more visual and less quantitative results from Stanford’s Interpretome

Get your mtDNA haplogroup

Convert your 23andme  to ISOGG format using “23andme to ySNPs” tool from
save Y-SNPs and plug into



gedmatch gives eye color prediction



3D Modeling

The easiest and most intuitive way to translate a phenotype profile into a model of a face is using the commercial software facegen this program will let you export a watertight 3d printable head, you just have to install the additional model set how to video here.


More resources:

Here is code I wrote in python to generate a phenotype profile from a user-customizable SNP base–managing-matches.html

here is a worksheet I made which you can use to help create your profile/sketch and document the details of the sample


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