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Beta Spaces this Sunday

November 11, 2010

Come out to Bushwick this Sunday between noon and 7pm to see Beta Spaces, Bushwick’s annual art festival highlighting alternative spaces and public installation. This event is always a lot of fun and I think more interesting than open studios as there is some level of curation going on.

Members of my collaborative Future Archaeology will be showing solo work in a repurposed autobody shop on Grattan St. between Bogart and Morgan. The show is called “The Here and Now” and focuses on ephemeral work in many media.

My piece Totem has just traveled North from Issue Project Room for the occasion so if you didn’t catch it there come out and see it here! The piece listens to sound in its immediate environment and builds a lexicon and grammar of discrete units to reassemble and vocalize as a kind of imaginary language.

Ellie Irons will be constructing a site-specific installation Dissolution using water collected from English Kills frozen into sculptural forms. They will slowly melt over the course of the installation.

Dan Phiffer will be showing a photo piece that lives only in his camera’s RAM; images surviving only until the next picture is shot.

Matt Radune will be showing a video describing his process in conceptualizing the phenomenal installation Ice House last winter.

Thomas Dexter will be creating a film installation that is composed only of dust and particles accumulating on blank leader over the course of the show.

And Joe Moore will be showing Meaning in Mistakes a work exploring misreading.

It is going to be a great show. And we will have refreshments including drinks to share so stop by and spend Sunday afternoon with us!

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