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Hydrophony is underway!

October 6, 2010
Heather vasting the microphone off Pier 54

Fishing for sound on Pier 54

Well, Hydrophony is off to a good start though there have been no shortage of technical and physical hurtles attempting to stop us!

Between Pier 54 being closed for the Food and Wine Festival, drenching rain, pounding winds and server issues, you might think we would give up.. But no! We will prevail!

Audio recordings from the first 3 days are posted on our site as are links to two very funny videos Tom has put together documenting our experience. The day 1 video shows how much fun we had in the rain. The day 3 video involves the camera dipping into the Hudson which is… pretty murky… The sound itself has been fantastic – different everyday and in every location we try. Despite the hassle of standing in the rain, I will say the first day’s recordings with the percussive sounds of rain falling on the surface of the Hudson is my favorite so far, definitely one to listen to.

We have received some nice press so far Time Out New York and the New York Press have both mentioned our piece and described the larger festival nicely. Click through the photos on both articles for some pictures of me. There are also lots more images from our initial photo shoot up online.

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